Solor Water Tank Stand

Highest Care Has To Be Taken While Designing The Behind Stand Of Solar Water Heater. If The Situate Is Weak In Design Or Strength, There Is Opportunity Of Damage To Absolute Solar Water Heating Organization During Strong Wind Velocities Or Storm. The Sunlight Emission Falls On The Glass Tube Passes Through Outside Glass Tube And Engrossed By The Multi Layer Coating On Interior Glass Tube And Rehabilitated Into Warmth.

This Heats Up The Water Restricted In The Inner Glass Tube. One Of The Innovations Is A Hot Water Heater That Uses Solar Power, Economy People Plenty Of Money On Their Authority Bill, As Well As Helping Preserve Energy. This Technology Is Better To Other Established Systems In Concert, Dependability & Ease Of System. Infiltrate Equipment That Taps The Limitless Power Of The Sun To Give You Massive Energy Savings.

Tank Feature :

  • High Quality Materials
  • Durability
  • Simple Installation
  • Variety Of Size

Installation Requirements :

  • Unobstructed Sunlight On A Level Or Slopping Top
  • Darkness-Free Area
  • Long Piping & Heat Losses
  • A Water Tank At A Smallest Of Above Roof Level

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